The importance of a clear and traceable audit trial is critical to what we do. It is what makes us an accredited Fire Protection Specialist and is what separates us from the rest of the market.

Miller Knight use a web based bespoke electronic recording system called Firetronic that allows us to document every single detail of all of the work we carry out.

These records are visible to anyone at anytime, anywhere around in the globe via a live openly accessible internet link which we provide to our clients on commencement of the works.

This includes:

  • A before photograph demonstrating the issues present at time of exposure
  • A drawing showing location of the where the works are within the building
  • A description of the required works
  • A unique seal reference number which links back to our database
  • Details of the name of the operative who carried out the works on what date
  • An after photograph showing the completed rectification works