Working to rigorous standards, Miller Knight's teams of UK - wide installers undertake fire stopping to all service penetrations or voids in fire compartment walls and floors to ensure compliance with the specified fire strategy and Part B building regulations.

Our engineers and contract managers work in partnership with our customers to identify the most cost-effective and appropriate materials for meeting the fire, smoke and acoustic requirements of each project.

All fire stopping work carried out by Miller Knight is identifiable via an identity tag attached next to every firestop seal. The identity tag is recorded electronically by our engineers and links back to our “live” online compliance management system, which thoroughly details the location and type of passive fire seal installed, including evidence by way of a before and after photograph.

This “live” web link is given to our clients during the construction phase and as a report with the certification following completion, so that a clear audit trail is available of what works have been carried out at any given time.

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