Here at Miller Knight, we understand the sensitivity around what we do and fully appreciate the requirement to keep our works confidential and discrete.

In the aftermath of Grenfell, the risks associated with fire have been brought to the forefront of the public eye with occupier safety being emphasised as a top priority for building owners.

We understand the sensitive position in which our clients sometimes find themselves in, for issues that are not of their own making, and we actively work to reduce the publicity these types of problems can potentially attract.

Whereas most of our competitors emphasise “fire” in their corporate branding, we’ve deliberately sought to divert our public image away from this by opting for natural greens in our company logo and priding ourselves on achieving building compliance as opposed to rectifying potentially life-threatening fire risks.

This allows us to work under the radar for the majority of our clients without raising any unnecessary concerns to the building’s users or the wider public and media.