Remedial FRA Works

Facilities Management

Miller Knight pride themselves in being one of the UK's leading retrospective remedial fire protection installers. Our mixture of Principal Contractor and Fire Protection Specialist experience puts us at the cutting edge of our industry as we can provide a single source, professional, discreet and cost-effective answer to our client's fire protection issues.

Due to inherent problems with poor construction and renovation work, and what seems to be a general industry-wide misunderstanding for the application of products used in the control of fire and smoke, many of today's buildings require a varying degree of remedial work to bring them up to current standards.

Not only can we carry out the vital fire protection works, but we can take care of the whole package in-house should this be more suitable for our clients. From inception and design, including everything in between such as demolition, plastering and redecoration, right through to sign off and certification including the important live electronic audit trail for record keeping purposes.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who deal directly with every eventuality or requirement depending on the specifics of the project.