The High Pavement project, valued at £1.8 million, was part of Sutton in Ashfield Council’s £6.27 million Future High Streets fund. This initiative aimed to rejuvenate and repurpose outdated structures within the community. The project focused on transforming a Council-owned, previously outdated DWP office block through extensive refurbishment and reconfiguration.

The Council required significant alterations and repairs to the High Pavement property, encompassing major mechanical and electrical works. The project was to be completed within a 23-week time frame, necessitating precise coordination and effective management.

Service Provided

As Principal Contractor, Miller Knight was responsible for:

Demolition and Strip Out: Removing outdated structures and clearing the space for new developments.

Internal Reconfiguration: Re-configuring internal walls and constructing a new staircase to improve accessibility and flow.

Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Reconfiguration: Upgrading and re-configuring M&E systems to meet modern standards.

Platform Lift Installation: Enhancing accessibility with the installation of a platform lift.

Photovoltaic (PV) Installation: Installing PV panels on the roof to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability.

Replacement Floor and Ceiling Finishes: Updating finishes to create a modern and welcoming environment.

Passive Fire Protection: Implementing passive fire protection works to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Fire Door Installation: Installing fire doors to enhance the safety of the refurbished building.

Miller Knight ensured effective coordination and management of all trades and sub-contractors. By working collaboratively with supply chain partners, the project was delivered in line with the Council’s requirements and the agreed programme.

Project Outcomes

Successful Transformation: The outdated DWP office block was successfully transformed into a modern, functional space.

Timely Delivery: The project was completed within the 23-week time frame.

Enhanced Safety and Accessibility: The installation of fire protection measures, fire doors, and a platform lift ensured a safe and accessible environment.

Sustainable Solutions: The addition of PV panels contributed to the building’s sustainability and energy efficiency.

Miller Knight’s involvement in the High Pavement project has not only improved the usability and safety of the property but also supported Sutton in Ashfield Council’s vision of revitalizing the area through the Future High Streets fund.



Ashfield District Council

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23 weeks

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