We see our supply chain as much more than just sub-contractors and suppliers. Our performance depends directly on them. So we make huge efforts to choose the right companies, and to maintain and improve our relationships with them over the long term.

We categorise our sub-contractors, from those who’ve just started working with us right through to ‘Category one’: companies that achieve the highest standards while always looking for continuous improvement.

A culture of partnership…

For us, it’s all about focusing on shared goals…

  • To deliver exceptional, innovative and sustainable fire safety solutions to our clients, through the whole lifecycle of their projects
  • To develop relationships with our supply chain that benefit us, benefit them and – most importantly – deliver great results for our clients
  • To manage down inefficiencies and risks – together – by using innovative solutions, sharing experiences and ideas, making health and safety our number one priority, and focusing on sustainability
  • To act fairly and treat others with respect and to act in a socially responsible manner, for example, by following our Miller Knight responsible sourcing and business ethics policies and joining with us to guard against modern slavery