The process behind the construction of any building is a complex one, it involves many trades and specialisms at varying times with varying requirements, so they can combine seamlessly to result in a successful project delivered on time and within budget

Miller Knight are not like any other Fire Protection specialist. We carry out the full remedial works package ourselves, from demolition all the way through to the final decorations. No having to place orders with plasterers, or joiners, or scaffolders, or electricians, or decorators – or anyone else you can think of… We manage the process for you from start to finish.


We appreciate that our clients are extremely busy, and therefore want fast and cost effective solutions to their requirements. Unfortunately though, not all have expertise in the management and co-ordination of construction related projects to allow them to do this easily. And if they do, they do not always have time. To get together the various quotations and draft and co-ordinate programmes for each trade with the next is no simple task. If mismanaged, you can end up being hit with unforeseen extras, disputes can materialise between the parties involved, costs for delays can start to wrack up – and the overall cost of the work ends up being double the original budget!


We have a team of dedicated construction management professionals, including site based Resident Liaison Officers and Aftercare Managers, who have a wealth of experience in the co-ordination of large scale domestic and commercial projects, having previously worked for some of the UK’s major construction companies. This, combined with the specialist expertise of our core business, allows us to provide the Principal Contractor service with the added benefit of the fully certified and accredited fire protection installer, without the added premium of a Principal Contractor.

We therefore pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients a “One Stop” solution to cater for any requirement – and we can guarantee our quotations as we co-ordinate the entire process from start to finish.