Rewarding Outstanding Work – Employees of the Month – January 2019

2018 really was a fantastic year for us at Miller Knight, and our exceptional, hand-selected Operatives really are a key reason why.

As part of our ongoing mission to reward outstanding work, January brings two more well-deserving Employees of the Month.

Firstly we have Mark Shetliffe, a Fire Stopping Operative who joined us in April 2018.

“Mark has an absolutely outstanding work ethic. He is actively supporting our newer Operatives with training and supervision and is a key member of our team.” – Scot Higginson, Contracts Manager

Secondly, we have Geron Dawkins, a Decorator who joined our team in August 2018.

“Geron is an excellent decorator, and one of the best we have on site. We have also received numerous accounts of wonderful feedback from the residents, for his high quality work.” – Ben Clarke, Contracts Manager

A fantastic well done to our winners, and we look forward to hearing about the excellent work our Operatives are doing next month.