National Apprenticeship Week 2019 – Zest

It’s Day 4 of #NAW2019 and we are looking at the Zest our Apprentices bring to the workplace.

We asked David Dickson, our Managing Director, to tell us why we, and our apprentices, are passionate about the value that apprenticeships bring.

“We are really passionate about what we do, as what we do is ultimately life-saving. It is therefore critical that the work we produce is to the highest of standards, and our apprentices are taught to strive for this, and to appreciate and be ever mindful of what the work they do is there for.

Reiterating the importance of our work really ensures that high standards are maintained, and the passion our apprentices have for the safety of the public really instates this.

Our apprentices know the difference that they make to our work force, especially due to the growing number of them within our company. The support that our qualified apprentices then bring to our newer recruits hugely impacts how valued they feel; knowing your mentor was in your position a few years prior is a great driving force to perform well and work hard to get to where they are now.”

Join us tomorrow for Day 5 of #NAW2019!!