National Apprenticeship Week 2019 – Energise

It’s Day 5 of #NAW2019 and we are looking at how Apprentices Energise our other Operatives within the workplace.

We asked David Dickson, our Managing Director, to explain what the cultural impact on our business has been.

“The cultural impact has definitely been noticeable for us. The Engineers we currently employ have felt an added sense of responsibility and pride over each apprentice they have mentored, and the subsequent quality that they produce.

We have noticed that this has actually improved the performance of many Operatives in order for them set a good example to the newer recruits, which was an unexpected, but welcome, bonus.”

We’ve really had a wonderful week reflecting on the impact our Apprentices have had to our business, and hope you have too! You can see the impact they have had on other businesses by following the #NAW2019 hashtag on LinkedIn, here!