Chemical Agent Resistant Coating

Protective Coatings Expertise

Miller-Knight has decades of experience in protective coatings. As part of this, the company has expertise in chemical agent resistant coating (CARC), better known as camouflage paint.

Protecting Your People and Your Assets

The benefits of CARC are two-fold, not only does it provide an all important chemical agent resistant coating, which means that your vehicles and equipment can be protected in any terrain, it also offers a camouflage coating that can increase military survivability on the battle field.

Trusted Team

Our CARC application team undergoes detailed background checks ahead of being mobilised on any project. You can be confident that our CARC application experts are used to working in live environments, including an array of government projects.

Application of Choice

Far from believing in a one size fits all approach, we can offer an application choice to suit your objectives including; airless spray, traditional application, powder coating, 2-pack (2K) and even hand finishing, either offsite or onsite in our mobile paint application studio.

Key Drivers

We understand that CARC application is often part of a much larger project. For that reason, we aim to comply with your ways of working through programme scheduling, building relationships and hosting regular reviews. In addition to this, we aim to support your key drivers so that you can exceed your project expectations by providing coatings consultancy at every stage.

Looking for more information on CARC?

To discuss your requirements please call 0845 634 3113 or email

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